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Meet The Team


Willow's Mission: Save Black Cats!

"I've Learned So Much From Her."

Willow, the newest addition to our family, is our first black cat. She was stuck in a garage and weighed less than one pound, when we pulled her out from behind a pipe. She was about three - four weeks old and came with a slew of health issues. And as I watched this little being grow stronger while nursing her back to health I've learned so much from her.

And I also learned from people around me asking why I would take in a black cat. "Aren't they evil, or considered bad luck?!" I was looking for an answer in Willow's eyes. "Tiny black creature, are you evil?"

Curve Web Shape.png

"Aren't Black Cats Bad Luck?"

I had to look for evidence of her plotting some kind of demonic scheme and unleashing evilness unto humankind. I searched long and hard:

  • Surprise attacks on human feet from under the bed. 
    Yanking at the new wall-to-wall carpet.


  • Chewing double-sided tape to protect the sofa (the tape was removed).


  • Darting up and down the stairs like a maniac - a sign of demonic possession? But our other non-black cats were just as much partakers in the nightly mania.  

Pink Parallax 2.png

Willow brings us love and joy every single day. She is about two years old. I had never expected the frail kitten that we had pulled out from the garage would grow into this long-haired beauty with an impressive Swiffer tail.


Willow is taking life head on and inspires me to take a new step with my writing to help save black cats. She is not only a survivor, she is the spokes-cat for black cats. Because of  the old superstition, these beautiful felines have the highest rate of non-adoptions and euthanasia in shelters. I am sharing Willow's tales to change the narrative that is killing black cats. These cats, like all cats, deserve to live and be loved. 

"We Have So Much To Be Grateful For"

"The evidence didn't point to any evil plan.

The evidence didn't point me to any evil or demonic plan in the works. Since Willow came into our world we have much to be thankful for.


Both my husband and I got better jobs. We were able to buy our first home. And we visited our family in Europe, not once but twice these past couple of years. Every day we are grateful to come home to our feline family, Charlie, Mina and Willow, a.k.a. "The Furry Mafia". 

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