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Meet Willow & Family

My name’s Willow, and I’m the first black cat in our family. Like me, Mina and Charlie were found years apart on the streets of Hollywood. Our humans nursed us back to health and gave us lots of love and a home. We’re true Hollywood kitties!

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I was born in late June two thousand sixteen. When I was a tiny kitten, I got stuck behind a pipe in a hot garage off Sunset Blvd. I meowed until some kind humans heard my faint chirps. They rescued me and took me to the emergency vet, who said I was about three weeks old.


Charlie was born in mid-June two thousand nine. Mama found him on Hollywood Blvd. among the stars where he belongs. He was about six weeks old and very sick. 


Charlie wears his tuxedo very well, don't you think_🐈😸🐾 #blackcat #blackkitten #rescuek

About the Author

Linda Malik

I am a writer and producer living in Los Angeles with my husband and three cats Willow, Mina, and Charlie. We rescued our furry family members on the streets of Hollywood: They were all in dire need of care, love, and a home. Willow came into our lives in two thousand sixteen as a stray kitten, and she was our first black cat.


I learned that these beautiful felines are seen as evil or bad luck, still to this day?! Looking into her big loving eyes, I knew, together, we could change the narrative that is hurting black cats. She is the inspiration for “Willow’s Tale”, the children’s picture book series and cartoons. And she’s on a mission to share her happy tales with the world!

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Mina was born in June of two thousand eight. Dumped in a shoe box on Sunset Blvd. at eight weeks old, she had a rough start in life. The moment Mama laid eyes on the scrawny kitten she fell in love with her.


Mina, my sister. She was dumped on Sunset Blvd as a itty bitty kitten.jpg
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