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Meeting My Brother Charlie

Charlie's my older brother. He is about 9 human years. The vet says he is all muscle - I think more muscle than brain. He is big and can be scary-looking as he lurks around like a puma ready for his kill. When I first came to my new home I had smelled and caught a glance of him through the bathroom door. Mama had followed Jackson Galaxy's advice on how to introduce a new kitten religiously. After weeks of scent and site swapping it was time to meet my big brother. The sock may have smelled like Charlie, but it was still an old sock to me. I darted into the living room. The floor was strewn with colorful toys, mini mice, illuminated balls, and feather boas. Mama had outdone herself with delicious smelly tuna treats. We were ready for "Eat, Play, Love".

Eager to meet Charlie I went straight towards him. With his 17 pounds he was towering over me, but that didn't scare me. As he looked me over his pupils dilated until they were two black ponds. "What an awkward little creature? You look like a cat, but you're smaller than a cat..." He sniffed me a few times. I sniffed back. I swatted my paw at his face. Mama was watching us holding her breath. "Hello Brother!" I could hardly contain my excitement in my 2 pound body. I swatted him again. "I'm so happy you're my brother!" "You're no cat", he hissed back. I heard the loudest bellowing moan coming the depth of his impressive gut. Mama put a couple of his favorite treats between us. A complainer for sure (and loud), I knew if he only let me I could win his love. He sat himself across me at a safe but close distance watching me eat his favorite treats. His tail was swishing up and down, side to side - it looked like a rattle snake, I lunged for it. I knew it was only a matter of time before he and I would become best friends. As I was playing with his tail his complaining morphed into a more subdued moaning. Mama wanted us play with the feather boa, but his tail was much more fun. However, the laser toy came out and I capitulated. Soon Charlie and I were chasing the red dot together, up and down the wall, the hallway, the kitchen. Exhausted, we plopped down to the floor our tongues hanging out trying to catch our breath.

Charlie continued to complain and moan, but he taught me how to be cat. And I also learned that his meow is worse than his bite. Today we play together, we eat and sleep together, and he still complains when I chase his tail. But I know my brother loves me, and I love him.

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