a Little Black Cat goes a long way

Welcome to Willow's Tale. Willow, a stray kitten found stuck in a garage, is the inspiration and the (rock) star of Willow's Tale. Many people believe that a black cat is evil or unlucky due to centuries-old superstition. Willow is here to change the narrative that is hurting black cats. She is not only a survivor, she is the spokescat and the brainkitten on our mission to help black cats. These cats, like all cats, deserve life, love and happiness.  Join Willow and help us create happy tales for black cats! And for all rescue cats!

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We exhibited for the first time at CatCon 2019 in Pasadena, CA, last June where we launched our first picture book, "Willow's Tale, a Little Black goes a long way". It is now available on Amazon. Make sure to check out our new exciting T-shirts designs inspired by the book. You can find our new merchandise in the Willow store. A portion of our book and merchandise sales will be donated to Black Cat Holistic Rescue, an amazing non-profit organization that specializes in saving the lives of black cats and kittens in the Los Angeles area.


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