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Meet The Team


Willow (born circa June 2016), was pulled out from a hot garage off Sunset Boulevard on June 25, 2016. She was about 3 weeks old and weighed less than 1 pound. She started out as a boy, Batman. Two vets had diagnosed her as a boy for three months, but on the day of the big "snip-snip" the vet couldn't find the crown jewels. Lo and behold, she's a girl! After a few moments of gender confusion, Mama looked at her little black fur ball. No issues with the litter-box, it was gender-neutral. And after some thought Mama

changed her name to Willow. She is a survivor and resilient like the majestic tree. And she has has superpowers. At night she turns into the Caped Crusader to fight off evil monsters

living in the closet. Her mighty tail is her cape (ok, it hangs a little low), but nevertheless she can propel herself from the bottom of the stairs to the second floor in a nanosecond or less. She turns into the Invisible Cat and blends in with the shadows. When she is ready to open her eyes after a long nap - invisibility tends to drain her  - Mama is frantic with worry looking for her for over an hour. She threatens to put on the collar with the bell. But Willow is a free soul, and the collar remains in the drawer. 


Charlie (born mid June 2009) was found on Hollywood Boulevard in August of 2009. Around 8 weeks old, he was very sick and stayed at the animal hospital for 8 days before Mama brought him home. He is named Charlie after Mama's movie idol, Charlie Chaplin. And like The Tramp Charlie was homeless and wore a tuxedo. With time he grew strong and big and his tuxedo became too tight over his belly - his weight topped at 16 pounds. With the advent of little sister Willow chasing him up and down the stairs, Charlie is now svelte at 13 pounds with his tuxedo fitting perfectly. A gentleman, he has the heart of The Tramp. He is a poet, a dreamer, and very sensitive. But he is not above biting the hand that feeds him and robbing his siblings of their favorite treats. He can sit for hours gazing at one spot at the ceiling. Mama is certain it is proof he can see into another dimension, but he might as well have a hugely overactive imagination. Either way he has taken on the role as the eyes of the house. He may not be the greatest protector, but his sixth sense is a gift living in Los Angeles. When the ground rattles Mama checks her boy's reaction, and if he hides under the bed it's time to Drop Cover and Hold!


Mina (born circa June 2008) was dropped off in a shoe box at our vet's office on Sunset Boulevard. The mysterious drop off happened while in the other room Mama was saying goodbye to her boy cat of 15 years. On the day she was picking up his ashes the vet told her about the mysterious box with the kitten. He asked if she wanted to see the little one. It was a girl. Mama was clenching her boy's ashes as the vet brought her to the back of the clinic. There in a cage a tiny ball of grey fuzz waking up: Lime-green eyes peering back at Mama. She felt her heart open. How could she feel such love in the midst of such grief? The vet, a Hindu and believer in the cycle of life, helped her make sense of it all. And that day Mama brought Ramses and the new kitten home. Her name is "Mina" meaning "beautiful eyes" in Hindi. She is a sofa hugger - the couch was custom made to fit her stocky measurements, so she can lounge on the back pillow or cushion arm comfortably. Our vet claims she is a Siberian Forest Cat, not sure how a cat from the Tundra landed on Sunset Blvd...she has her own Cat Cave (the pantry) and the Kilim rug where she loves to snooze belly up. She is a sleeping, eating, loving machine!

Linda Malik,

Service Human/Cat Servant

Writer, Blogger

I am a writer living in Los Angeles with my three cats Willow, Mina and Charlie. Over a span of eight years I found these helpless little creatures on the streets of Hollywood. Was it pure coincidence our paths crossed? At age five I was trying to play dolls with my beloved cat, Minou - a sick kitten I had found curled up by the elevator of my childhood home. This was to be my first lesson in Cat. Forever etched into my left wrist is the mark of two deep claws - a love sealed in our blood pact. I didn't know it at the time, but I had been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Cat at a very young age. I wear this mark as a badge of honor. Cats are in my blood, and  I enjoy writing about them. I hope you will enjoy the tales of my Hollywood kitties.

Map of Our Foundlings

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