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a Little Black Cat goes a long way

One more for my 1 year foundoption anniversary! As Mama says, _Black cats rock!_😼 #blackc
Just another manic Monday, wish it were Friday😸🐾🖤 #blackcat #blackkitten #rescuekitten_
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Welcome to Willow's Tale. Willow, a stray kitten found stuck in a garage, is the inspiration and the (rock) star of Willow's Tale. Many people believe that a black cat is evil or unlucky due to centuries-old superstition. Willow's mission is to change the false narrative that is hurting black cats. Good luck comes on little black feet! So follow Willow in her mission to change the stigma of black cats - she is one determined cat.

Let's create happy tales for black cats! 

We have great meows! Willow's Tale rocked CatCon 2022 back in October with the launch of 2 short animations starring Willow. The cat-toons were produced by Brainstorm Productions, an L.A. based studio for animators with autism. 

More great meows! Picture Book #2, "Willow's Tale, a Little Black Cat goes to Hollywood" is almost ready and will be available on Amazon in mid-December 2022. You can order your copy of our first picture book, "Willow's Tale, a Little Black goes a long way" that is currently on sale at Amazon.

Willow's Tale Amazon.jpg

A portion of our sales from the book(s) and Willow Store merchandise will be donated to Black Cat Holistic Rescue, an amazing non-profit organization that specializes in saving the lives of black cats and kittens in the Los Angeles area.  Check our Willow Store with new merchandise - Looking forward to seeing you soon at CatCon! 

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